Alcolit works like a smart breathalyzer.
It calculates your alcohol level based on when you have consumed your glasses with increased accuracy. The app tells you the time remaining before you can hit the road again if you exceed the legal limit. Choose the beverage you drink for even more precision and personalized advice.







Can not find your favorite drink? This form is there for that!


Informational purposes

Alcohol abuse is dangerous for health.
By using the application, you confirm that you are solely responsible for the possible consequences of excessive consumption. Alcolit gives an indicative and approximate result based on a scientific algorithm and will never replace a breathalyzer.
The informative data of the application have no legal value.
Barracud'Apps SPRL-U disclaims all liability in the event of an incident.

Age restriction

Alcolit is intended for a major audience.
BARRACUD'APPS SPRL-U disclaims any responsibility if the collected information are distorted.

Consumer incentive

The application is an indicative tool and not a game. Under no circumstances can the development team be held responsible for the excessive consumption of alcohol by users.
This application is not intended to cause the drink.


In case of problems related to use or other circumstances involving Alcolit, the contact details of the company are available in the side menu, section 'Contact'.
The development team will try to respond to the request as soon as possible.

Use of data

The personal data collected is only used by Barracud'Apps SPRL-U for advertising purposes and for the proper functioning of the application.

Data used for advertising purposes :

• Age - AdMob Network;

• Gender - AdMob Network;

• Location - AdMob Network.

Data used within the application :

• Driver's license;

• Weight;

• Gender.

Data collected for statistical purposes :

• Pseudo;

• Age;

• Gender;

• Height.

By using Alcolit, you accept this use of your personal data.